WordPress: A Deep Dive into Passion and Strife

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Cory Miller and I discuss how the WordPress community is impacted when “big issues” clash with Matt, Automattic, and other community members. How should we handle these moments of passion and strife?

It’s easy to label these issues as WPDrama, but in my opinion that’s not doing the WordPress community any favors. From the exterior, it’s categorized and shrugged off as “yet another drama issue” in WordPress land. Aren’t we all tired of that? Inside the community, or interior, it takes away from the actual pain or strife someone is experiencing.

Today’s episode unpacks how Cory and I decipher these issues and how Post Status + WP Minute members handle it when it comes up.

We’ll also discuss how we deal with Matt Mullenweg at the center of issues, leading the product, and leading the community.

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WordPress: A Deep Dive into Passion and Strife
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