Why Bluehost is Betting Big on Transforming the WordPress Experience

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Host Matt Medeiros interviews Brent Lundell, an IT innovator at Bluehost, about optimizing WordPress performance and scaling on Bluehost’s infrastructure. They dive into the challenges of supporting a diverse WordPress landscape, from outdated plugins to complex WooCommerce stores.
“I came through those days and it wasn’t our best period. We’re better now and we’ve really put the work in to make that experience a lot more effective.”
Brent Lundell
With over 15 years at Bluehost’s parent company Newfold, Lundell provides unique insights into their cross-functional approach to WordPress optimization. If you run a WordPress site on Bluehost or are considering the platform, you won’t want to miss Lundell’s candor regarding their past struggles and recent improvements. Tune in to understand Bluehost’s dedication to the individual WordPress user’s experience.
Key Takeaways:
  • Bluehost builds custom solutions for WordPress instead of relying on off-the-shelf configurations
  • They optimize for complex WooCommerce stores as an indicator of overall WordPress performance
  • A cross-functional “performance team” coordinates WordPress improvements across the company
  • Bluehost partners directly with key players like Cloudflare, JD Goff at WordPress Core, and major plugin developers
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Why Bluehost is Betting Big on Transforming the WordPress Experience
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