Taking on a $40 Billion Dollar Competitor

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I recently had an insightful discussion with Rytis Lauris, co-founder and CEO of the email marketing platform Omnisend, on the WP Minute+.
Even after nearly 10 years in business, Rytis described Omnisend as still being in "startup mode." He credits staying bootstrapped with helping maintain their agility to pivot based on customer feedback, rather than getting bogged down in bureaucracy like many older companies.
Omnisend is a Pillar Sponsor of the WP Minute. Part of the sponsorship agreement is to host an interview like this, in an effort to have a candid conversation about their company. 
We covered a wide range of topics relevant to any WordPress Professional, from competition to company culture to leveraging new technologies like AI. Here are 5 of my key takeaways from our conversation:
  1. Laser focus on a niche is critical - By specifically targeting ecommerce merchants early on, Omnisend set itself apart from more generic marketing platforms. Really understanding customer pain points lets you build solutions tailored to their needs.
  2. Community delivers long-term stability - Rytis believes platforms like WordPress have an advantage over solitary gatekeepers like Shopify thanks to open source's distributed model where no one entity controls the ecosystem.
  3. Go where the customers are - Though initially focused on Shopify, Omnisend expanded into WooCommerce after seeing impressive organic traction there. Value creation trumps personal preferences.
  4. Startup mindset stems from leadership - Maintaining ambition and efficiency despite company maturity comes from the top. Rytis still drives Omnisend's vision decade later.
  5. AI should enhance abilities, not replace jobs - Omnisend judiciously uses AI to help humans be more productive. But Rytis believes strategic thinking still requires human creativity and intuition.
Beyond the key insights, here are 5 reasons why you should tune into our conversation:
  1. We have 20+ years combined building digital companies so share informed perspectives on the industry.
  2. Gain insider knowledge of the WordPress vs Shopify ecosystems from someone operating within both.
  3. Learn how to scale your startup without sacrificing agility or customer centricity.
  4. Hear a thoughtful approach to leveraging promising innovations like AI without going overboard.
  5. Enjoy an insightful dialogue with the candid yet focused Rytis Lauris about business and personal growth.
I thoroughly enjoyed my talk with Rytis - his uniq
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Taking on a $40 Billion Dollar Competitor
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