Marketing Automation, YouTube Strats, and Video Games!

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I recently had the pleasure of speaking with Jon Clark, Marketing Automation Specialist at StellarWP, who also has his own YouTube channel called Jon Automates where he discusses movies, pop culture, and video games. In this fun and insightful episode, Jon shares his expertise on email marketing automation, creating entertaining YouTube content, and his thoughts on recent video games like Elden Ring.

At StellarWP, Jon focuses on managing email marketing automation across their suite of WordPress products. He discusses best practices like avoiding email sends on Fridays, finding the optimal times to reach engaged audiences, and using dynamic content and segmentation to create more personalized, relevant messaging. Jon emphasizes focusing on whether an email campaign will entertain or provide value rather than just chasing metrics.

On his YouTube channel, Jon prioritizes creating entertaining content on movies, trailers, and pop culture over optimizing for the algorithm. He collaborates with a close group of "YouTube friends" who cross-promote each other's channels. Jon purposefully avoids "rage channels" and politics to foster a positive community where different opinions can be shared openly. He's considering starting a second channel focused just on creative film projects and cinematography.

Listeners can find Jon online on YouTube and Twitter.
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Marketing Automation, YouTube Strats, and Video Games!
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