A New Generation of the WordPress Community

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In this episode of WP Minute+, Matt Medeiros sits down with Mark Szymanski, the owner of FindIT Tech Agency, to discuss Mark’s journey into the WordPress space, his experience with page builders like Elementor and Bricks, and his thoughts on the future of WordPress.

Mark shares his background, starting his agency in 2019 and diving into the world of WordPress. He discusses his early experiences with themes and page builders, eventually settling on Elementor before discovering Bricks.

The conversation then shifts to the WordPress community and the challenges of catering to such a diverse group of users with varying needs and objectives. Matt and Mark discuss the importance of getting involved in the community, attending WordCamps, and contributing to the platform’s development.

They also touch on the sometimes contentious nature of page builder communities and the importance of focusing on providing value to clients, regardless of the tools used.

Throughout the episode, Mark offers his unique perspective as a relative newcomer to the WordPress space, while Matt provides insights from his years of experience in the community.

Key Takeaways:
  • The WordPress community is diverse, with users ranging from DIYers to large agencies, each with their own unique needs and goals.
  • Getting involved in the WordPress community through WordCamps and contributing to the platform’s development can help shape the future of WordPress.
  • Page builder communities can sometimes become contentious, but the focus should always be on providing value to clients.
  • As a WordPress professional, it’s essential to care about the customer and the product first, rather than just chasing quick profits.

Important Links:
Mark Szymanski’s YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/@markjszymanski
Mark Szymanski’s Website: https://markjosephszymanski.com/
FindIT Tech Agency
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A New Generation of the WordPress Community
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